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Report. 29


Lesson of the day - doesn't really feel any different.


Report. 28


It's amazing what you forget to notice.


Report. 27

Getting near Christmas now. Apparantly.

If you tried, you could probably smell it on the air. The place is so full of ':D' at the moment. Ah well, can't complain.

Just as long as Sakura doesn't drag home a tree and command to decorate it... Oi, Roxas, Sakura. Question. Planning anything for Christmas? Are you really going to drag me into decorating a tree?

Anything you guys want? Not like I can get much, but eh. Just say the word.

Report. 26

He came back a while ago.

Anyway. Minding my self (for once), and then we just run into each other whilst I was practicing. It was kinda... well, strange. But no matter. Got that promised training-fight thing in, didn't we, eh, Roxas?

Just like old times.

Locked from RoxasCollapse )

Report. 25

Drinking works wonders.

Y'know. Getting out and about. Socializing. Actually met someone who wasn't too bad. Balthier. It was nice meetig you, dude. We should catch up again sometime.

Took my mind off matters for a while. She didn't seem too mad when I turned up later than usual. Guess she's outta it, too.